On 10 July 2019, the 1°CMIT-Europe Kart race takes place at the Happy Valley kart track in Cervia.

The special day is to celebrate CMIT-Europe’s first birthday: a funny afternoon to get to know each other to team building.

The meeting is at 3 pm and all CMIT-Europe members are ready to compete on the Happy Valley asphalt. Divided into 4 teams (red, yellow, green and blue) the race starts with free practices before then timed tests to complete the first phase.

The circuit is 1000 meters long and 8 meters wide and is formed by a succession of curves: it starts with the straight to warm up the karts then the first corner, ” la staccata”, which reverses the direction,  followed by ” la tecnica”, la prima della esse, la seconda della esse, then again the straight, slow down in the ” la variante”, accelerate in the second straight before “la casaccia” and getting the right position to reach “Rampino” curve. The 1000 meters circuit end with the “1°and 2°Tornantino” and then the bar curve.

From each group the fastest take part in the final.
The 20 fastest pilots passing to the next round are:  Ariosti Alessandro, Bertazzini Luca, Brunori Filippo, Caroli Massimo, Calzolari Francesco, Ciardo Francesco, De Rosa Francesco, Di Tomaso Felice, Eleias Magdalena, Fabbri Emanuele, Fronte Andrea, Ghinassi Alessandro, Lalanne Jean, Meneghini Andrea, Pullega Chiara, Tartaglia Eros, Tomei Federico, Tusceri Giuseppe, Vangrunsven Alexander, Vistoli Nicola.
Among these, the fastest is Calzolari Francesco with a time of 1:4:59.

20 fastest pilots

The final is getting more and more exciting and everyone follows the race both from the stands and from the bar. There are many overtakings and a spin even in the last few meters.

At the end of the race the results are known but are communicated only during the CMIT-Europe evening.
First the turtle prizes are delivered directly from the hands of Stefano Schiavo, a funny cup delivered to the slowest of each division.

Francesca Lanconelli

The award for the Oil & Gas division goes to Francesca Lanconelli.

Teresa Ravaioli

Teresa Ravaioli is the winner for the Cruise division and welcomes the news with a big smile.

Barbara Badaloni

Barbara Badaloni, the energetic hr, winner for the Corporate section, proudly shows her recognition.

Stefano Schiavo

Stefano Schiavo awards the prizes to the best drivers.

Eros Tartaglia

Eros Tartaglia, is the best of the Cruise division.

Federico Tomei

For the O&G Business Unit, Federico Tomei is the best driver while Chiara Pullega is the best of her Corporate colleagues.

Chiara Pullega

Finally the podium awards

Luca Bertazzini

3rd place Luca Bertazzini Oil & Gas who dueled with business unit companion Francesco Ciardo, in 2nd place.

Francesco Ciardo
Francesco Calzolari

Both, however, were beaten by Francesco Calzolari who, at a propitious moment, managed to overtake the two contenders and wins the first CMIT-Europe race.

 Good job Francesco! From all your colleagues.

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