We are proud to announce that CMIT  has been awarded the design competition for the Art Design Target of “A View of Shenzhen from the Sea” a Sightseeing Catamaran built for the 1979/2019 a celebrations after reforms of 40 years.
The catamaran will be able to embark almost 350 people and it will be used for several events such as public ceremonies of the Government, companies events, team buildings, weddings, products launch, shows.

The awarding to CMIT assume particular importance since it is linked to the 40 years celebration of the reforms.  Indeed his celebration is very important for Shenzhen and for the “Modern China” because on 1979 were actuated the reform of Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping designating four cities as “special economic zones”.

Shenzhen was one of the first special economic zones (SEZs) because of its geographical proximity to Hong Kong, which could offer market-economy expertise and capital from its free port and other parts of the world.

Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping

The SEZs made it possible to increase progress within a rigid system and became the symbol of the commitment by the Chinese government to proceed with liberalization. In the case of Shenzhen the city changed from a little more than a town of 20,000 fishermen to become, in 2008, a metropolis of 8.5 million inhabitants. Shenzhen is one of the world’s fastest-growing and one of China’s richest cities.  

These celebrations are therefore very important for the city of Shenzhen and for the whole China being the technological fulcrum of the country.

Winning the design of the Shenzhen symbol ship for the 40 years built by  CMSK was very demanding because prestigious European and Asian agencies participated and wins the project who best expressed the soul of the city.

The first objective is to show the beauty of the city and the skyline of Shenzen from a different perspective, the ship, leaving from the adveniristic Cruise Terminal of Shekou.

Cruise Terminal of Shekou

An important aspect was therefore the relationship between the inside/outside of the ship solved by large windows that allow you to admire the city and enter the light when it is day. The interiors are characterized by large windows that create a play of lights with the surfaces, giving an elegant style combining with technological elements creating a different effect in day or night time.                                      

Being Shenzhen the symbol of progress as well as Chinese technological capital, an important aspect of the project was incorporate technology into many elements, both functional and aesthetic. The theatre, normally planned for static viewer, changes in an interactive form offering a digital art to the tourists, making them live a new immersive experience where fun and technology coexist.

The spaces are elegant, blend with the innovative style of the city, offering spaces for contemplation and tell through the images, the evolution of Shenzhen during the years. Luxury style combines perfectly for leisure and business stay.

The restaurants zone follows the same principle: technology at the service of elegance.

 There is a main dining room that can accommodate up to 140 people simultaneously in a bright and comfortable environment made even more functional by technological elements suitable for speeding up the service.

 The restaurant a la carte restaurant is perfect for a special dinner because it has VIP rooms to have even more intimate and prestigious moments.

The structure and the furnishings have been designed to give the possibility of being converted into an evening bar.

These are just some of the characteristics of the CMIT-Europe interior design of the vessel symbolizing Shenzen’s progress and will contribute to the creation of an unforgettable experience for those who will onboard.

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