CMIT – Europe, subsidiary of China Merchants Industry Holding, signed an agreement with RINA for the regulatory verification of innovative solutions for its new cruise ship projects.

RINA, a leader in naval classification, certification and engineering support services, will put its experience in the cruise world at the service of CMIT – Europe by carrying out technology validation and concept approval activities for the developed projects.

CMIT – Europe is the first european subsidiary of China Merchants Group. CMIT – Europe is specialized in naval design and innovative solutions, the company are projecting cruise ship merging the Italian knowledge and chinese manufacturing capabilities.

“We are really pleased to have concluded this agreement,” commented Paolo Moretti, Executive Vice President Marine Strategic Development of RINA. “The cruise ship sector requires an innovative design approach and cutting-edge engineering solutions, such as those offered by CMIT – Europe, to keep pace with the development of a booming market”.

“We believe that through this agreement, it will be possible to verify if the high innovation that characterizes all our engineering solutions can provide the added value that our parent company expects from CMIT – Europe. In particular, we think that the cruise ship field needs a new design approach that places the passenger at the centre of the project, rebalancing the relationship between man, ship and sea. Our ideas go in this direction and that is why we like to define ourselves as “the Artisans of Design”, as stated by Stefano Schiavo, CEO & Executive Director of CMIT – Europe.

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