Last 21st October 2019, CMIT – Europe 1st Golf training took place in Argenta Golf club, celebrating China Merchants Group company day.

This alternative sunny day was a perfect opportunity for teambuilding activities and the start point to understand golf principles, values both in sport as in life.

Argenta’s scenic golf course is located between Ferrara and Ravenna and is surrounded by the Po Delta regional park, near Argenta natural reserve Valle Santa.

The golf course was inaugurated in 1991. It is formed by: 18 holes, par 72, with a total length of 6300 meters and it is 7 meters above the sea level.

This particular golf club was created following the authentic natural landscape and riverbanks and is composed of water hazards, low dunes with groves, local essence bushes and 6 elevated tees.

In this scenic landscape we started making our firsts steps in this game, understanding that it is quite difficult. Ability and experience is obviously needed.

Divided in groups, each one composed by Corporate, Cruise and O&G departments, we followed a professional golf player to learn some basic game rules.

Golf is a precision game. The target is to get the ball from the starting point or tee to the green and finally into the hole. The hole is marked by a flag and the ball must get in it with as few shots as possible.

The “hole” is not only the physical hole but is all the area from the tee to the green and is formed by different typologies of surfaces: fairway (short lawn) or rough (taller grass). Along the course, you may find obstacles that make the path more difficult: trees, bushes, bunkers or slopes.

The hole can be par 3, par 4 or par 5 depending of the ideal numbers of shots necessary to get the ball in the physical hole.

If the player finishes the hole shooting 1 under par it is called birdie, 2 under par is called eagle, 3 under par is called albatross and in very rare cases 4 under par is called condor.
On the contrary, if the player needs 1 shot more than par it is called bogey, 2 shots is double bogey etc.

Following our expert players, we assisted to some birdies greeted with warm applauses.

Once this part of training was completed, we started the active part trying to do what we previously saw from our experts: the swing to hit the ball.

The goal of the golf swing is to direct as much kinetic energy as possible into the club head so that when it meets the ball, all the energy is transfered to the ball, getting it in the air.

To hit the ball, the club, which is composed by a shaft and a grip, must be held correctly.
There are three different kind of clubs: woods, irons and putters.

We used irons to learn the correct way of making the swing and hitting the golf ball efficiently.

We understood that it is simpler seeing it from an expert instead of doing it by ourselves. With practice each shot seems better than the previous one.

Until the miracle happens, “the perfect shot”, which is very difficult to repeat again.
But you cannot forget the powerful sensation achieved. So, you start over, trying the movements again and again…

From this special day sorrounded by nature, we understood important principles that guide golf game and that can be applied also in life.

Your main competitor is yourself: you win only if you beat yesterday’s version of yourself.

We must get the vision of the entire scenario before starting: if we don’t have a general vision, we have a partial vision that isn’t able to furnish the right comprehension.

We must SEE, FEEL and TRUST
In golf as in life, we first have to see what happens around us, act following our feelings (not only our eyes) and strongly believe in what we do.

Loving what we do, overcoming what we are and trusting ourselves, could be the right way to create something unique together.

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