PRESS RELEASE from Michele De Pascale, Major of Ravenna City

Thousands of masks and suits from China for the hospitals of Ravenna, Faenza and Lugo

China Merchants Industry – one of the most significant Chinese state-owned companies, operating in the port logistics, shipbuilding, infrastructure and finance sectors that established its European headquarters in Ravenna – through China Merchants Charitable Foundation has donated to Ravenna, Faenza and Lugo hospitals 50,000 surgical masks and 5,000 NFPP2 masks, 2,000 disposable glasses, 1,000 disposable medical protective suits, available already as of today (March 27th 2020) in the healthcare facilities.

The General Manager of China Merchants Industry Holdings, Simple Hu Xianfu, announced this generous donation through a friendly letter addressed to the Mayor of Ravenna, Michele De Pascale, in which he expressed great empathy for the Italian population that is facing the same global epidemic as in China, and the desire to actively support Italy in the fight against Covid-19 by providing personal protective equipment to doctors and health workers in our area.

The arrival of the donated PPE was managed thanks to a joint venture between Ravenna Farmacie, which took care of verifying the suitability of the products, Sapir who managed the logistics and Casadei Ghinassi shipping house that dealt with the custom and importation aspects.
«I sincerely thank – comments the Mayor – the General Manager of CMGH, Simple Hu Xianfu, for the beautiful words and generous gesture of which our community is extremely grateful and that we will not forget. The friendship and loyal collaboration that binds us, in this difficult situation finds its highest expression, namely of two communities standing side by side, in one of the most painful moments of this historical era. In the next few days, I hope to be able to announce the arrival of additional personal protective equipment for our doctors and health professionals, who are on the front line every day in dealing with the emergency and must be able to do so in the best possible safety conditions».

“We are very proud that the Management of our Parent Company, immediately and without hesitation, enthusiastically accepted our request to support Ravenna Hospital” – Stefano Schiavo, CEO CMIT-Europe

«I speak on behalf of all my colleagues who work for China Merchants – comments CMIT Chief Executive Officer, Stefano Schiavo, – we are very proud that the Management of our Parent Company, immediately and without hesitation, enthusiastically accepted our request to support Ravenna Hospital. Being part of a large Group, despite all the known difficulties for procurement, has made it possible that only a few days have passed since our request until the arrival of the medical supplies. Thanks again to Li Jianhong, President of China Merchants Group, Wang Cuijun, Vice President of China Merchants Group, and Simple Hu, General Manager of China Merchants Industry. I would like to highlight that choosing a Latin expression (Verae amicitiae sempiternae sunt – Real friendships are forever) to demonstrate their closeness, testifies the great respect for our culture. All our help and support go to healthcare professionals because they work for our loved ones and for our health. They must be protected first because they are in the front row and without their work, we will never be able to defeat this monster called Covid-19. Finally, I would like to add that all employees of China Merchants Industry Technology have decided to contribute personally for the purchase of a small medical machinery that can truly help who is working for us. Finally, a warm thank you to all those who helped us collect the material and who worked with enthusiasm and professionalism».

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