Summer in the Romagna region is the best season. Not only because it warms up the heart and skin of the people, but also because it is the main source of income for many families.
As we all know, our lives have been deeply impacted by the measures implemented to contain Covid-19. It becomes thus inevitable to rethink one of our favorite activities: going to the beach. It is necessary indeed to re-organize the services related to seaside resorts and free beaches. But, until now, official provisions have not been disclosed yet.
Going to the beach is essential for the local economy and for all citizen’s health. In order to allow social distancing, new ideas have started to spread in social media and online, but many are not accessible by the vast majority of seaside resorts and free beaches.
China Merchants Industry (an industrial and financial conglomerate owned by the Chinese government operating in the port logistics, shipbuilding, infrastructure, and finance sectors that established its European Headquarters in Ravenna) has developed some ideas that are concrete and easily achievable: CMI architects and engineers designed concepts based on the use of cheap and recycled materials.
These projects have been designed not-for-profit, in order to support the local area in this hard time. The solutions can be quickly implemented by the owners of seaside resorts and by users of free beaches.
In order to focus on people who usually prefer free beaches, here below the first proposal developed.

Social distancing is ensured thanks to this simple and economic solution consisting of a beach towel with a 2-meters radius, anchored to the sand with small pegs. This option can be used by seaside resorts and by people on free beaches.
Furthermore, here below more complex ideas designed for seaside resorts are described.

The first is built thanks to simple poles (available in any Do-It-Yourself store) that form a solid structure to be covered with sheets. In this way, it is possible to keep social distancing and, at the same time, relax and sunbathe.

In this second proposal, the structure is made up of common pallets fixed together (and eventually company-branded) that quickly meet the needs of the coast. Also, the pallet itself can become additional support for lunch trays, in order to enable and help the consumption of the meal under the sunshade.
CMIT-Europe, in addition to carrying out its normal activities, is available, non-profit, to find new solutions for our area in collaboration with the local administration and trade associations.

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