On June 24th 2021 CMJL (former Nanjing Jinling Shipyard) officially signed with Singaporean shipowner Eastern Pacific Shipping (hereafter referred to as “EPS”) a contract for the construction of 4+2 car transport ships with dual-power and 7000 parking spaces. Due to covid, the contract was signed via cloud video.

We would like to congratulate our colleagues for signing this agreement that represents the first cooperation between EPS and China Merchants Jinling Shipyard. It shows the high recognition, trust and support that EPS has towards the multi-year results of Nanjing Jinling Ro-Ro brand and has launched a new chapter in the cooperation between EPS and China Merchants.

CMIT-Europe, the European subsidiary of China Merchants, will be involved in this project thanks to the deep knowledge of their engineers in the gas field mainly related to LNG handling.

The parameters of the ships of this contract are:

Length: 199,90 meters
Width: 38,00 meters
Car loading capacity: 7.050,00 cars
Total tonnage: 72.000,00 tonnes

These ships will be used to load all types of cars, rolling stock, etc. This dual-power PCC ship series is equipped with a high-pressure dual-power system, which ensures that TierIII emission standards are met in both diesel and gas modes. Through the liquefied natural gas fuel and various environmentally friendly technologies, approximately 99% of sulphur dioxide emissions, 80% of nitrogen oxide emissions, 90% of particulate emissions, and 30% of carbon dioxide emissions are saved. Therefore, these are a new generation of ecological ships.

In recent years, Nanjing Jinling, building on CMIH demands and bearing in mind a strategic orientation aimed at “creating a base for the construction of leading special ships in China and among the first in the world“, has continuously improved the overall capabilities and basic competitiveness of China Merchants, consolidating the results at a commercial level and its fame in the world, increasing the efforts of creating the “China Merchants Jinling” brand, as a worldwide leader in the Ro-Ro ship building sector. After the entry into force of the agreement with the Japanese NYK Group that foresees 4 PCC type dual-power ships with 7000 spaces, CMJL once again gets an order for the construction of more PCC ships.

CM Jinling during the first half of this year delivered 5 large Ro-Ro ships, and currently has 13 orders of Ro-Ro ships “in hand”. This agreement for 4+2 PCC ships will further consolidate CMJL as first worldwide position in terms of deliveries and orders in hand.

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