The excellence of italian engineering

CMIT core team is composed by a skilled group of engineers working together from almost 20 years. In their previous experience, they significantly contributed to design several O&G plants which, even now, represent a clear example of excellence in design both for the performances as well as for the constructability and maintainability. ​

​Among these projects we can list:​

  • The highest gas dehydrating operating pressure​
  • The largest gas dehydration plant in the world​
  • The largest gas sweetening plant offshore​
  • The first REDOX floating unit​
  • The widest range for operating conditions on FPSO​
  • Very hot, very sour and very low-pressure gas conditioning​.

​This gas conditioning expertise grew up while working for all major oil companies and large contractors in every part of the world and expanded into other areas such as oil and water removal, to be finally available for every client willing to involve China Merchants in the development of their field.