Nowadays, CMIT personnel can proudly claim the design of:​

  • More than 100 gas conditioning trains​
  • Gas conditioning units in operation in every continent at every latitude​
  • Process unit conditioning several tenth of Billions of SCFD​
  • The highest dehydration operating pressure in the world (Ciudad de Vitoria – Offshore Brazil)​
  • The largest gas conditioning plant in the world (3.2 billion of SCFD)​
  • The first gas sweetening and sulphur removal plant on FPSO​

Since the beginning of its history, CMIT has dealt with gas conditioning, having at disposal the know-how and the experience acquired while working for almost 20 years in a world leading process company.

Thus, any kind of gas conditioning and removal of contaminants is available at CMIT with our own technologies or through partnerships with recognized leading companies.​