The idea of WIST (Weather Independent Shuttle Tanker) is born to exploit the advantages of the SWATH technology to an extremely complex operation, such as the transport of LNG and above all to the possibility of transporting LNG anywhere and at any time without fearing the uncertainties dictated by the weather.

From an accurate market analysis, the combination of:

  • Capacity of transporting 2000 m³ of LNG
  • Ship width of 19 m to ensure excellent manoeuvrability within ports
  • Length of 62 m to obtain a ship that can be handled by a small crew
  • SWATH (Small Water Plane Area Twin Hull) are marine vehicles developed around a particular concept:
    • 2 submerged torpedoes
    • 1 platform / superstructure very high above the waterline
    • 2 arms (as thin as possible) connecting torpedoes and superstructure

The dimensional proportion between torpedoes and arms is approximately 85 vs 15. The advantage of this type of hull is the movement of the hull along the surface of the sea that “simulates” the waves of a hull that weighs only 15% of the total, offering 2 great advantages:

  • Elimination of wave production due to motion.
  • Elimination of vertical accelerations during motion with consequent ability of navigating in any weather condition. Thus, the encountered waves result almost irrelevant.

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